Mia Kerr

Submitting To The Bully (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

I kicked my locker with my feet and leaned against it. What the fuck had I just done? Scott always got everything in his way. He was spoiled and rich with well-known parents that supported his manic behavior. Everything was under his fingers and yet, he still wanted to torment me. 

As I got a hold of my self, I took out my next class books and walked inside. It was an English Literature class — one of my favorites. I took my seat in the corner of the room and continued to read the book while the rest of the class filled up. I wasn’t going to stop reading just because someone found out what I was reading. 

I still needed my daily dose of erotica. 

When our English teacher walked in, I closed my book and set it aside. The seat next to me was still empty as no one liked sitting beside the unusual girl. Just before Ms. Smith could start with her class, the door burst open and Scott walked in. 

“You’re late, Scott.” The teacher said. 

“I was in the washroom, Jesus.” He grunted and walked inside. His eyes lingered around the class and then landed on me.

“Alright, take a seat and then we can get started.” Ms. Smith said. 

My heart skipped a beat as Scott took the seat beside mine. Why was he sitting next to me? What did he want to do now? Wasn’t it enough for one day? Was he going to force out ‘daddy’ from me again? I pushed my book inside my bag so he couldn’t see it. 

The class started in a few. We were reading a short poem and describing the terms used. I stayed quiet the entire time as Scott was seated beside me. I didn’t want to erupt in another conversation with him. While I was working on my notes, I felt something slid against my skirt. When I looked down, I found Scott’s hand on my legs, caressing my thighs. My breathing hitched as I cocked my head to his direction. 

What was he doing?

I couldn’t say anything as the class was in a pin drop silence and even a single sound would turn heads towards me. I didn’t want attention. 

I tried to pull his hands away from my body but he kept a tight hold on my leg. The more I fought back, the higher he went and it stopped when he reached my panties. 

Not there. 

“Spread your legs for daddy,” He whispered in my ear as his thumb rubbed circles around my panties. I gasped in surprise as something inside me rose. Submitting to Scott, I spread my legs and he pushed his hand inside my panties. It was getting hard to focus on the poem when his hand was inside me — literally. 

“Mhm,” He smirked as his fingers brushed against my clit, causing me to squirm with pleasure. I closed my eyes and bit my lips tightly as one of his thick fingers forced itself inside my tight opening. 

“So fucking tight,” I heard him mumble under his breath. I wrapped my hand around his wrist as his thumb rubbed my clit. Fuck. Shivers of ecstasy ran down my spine as my thighs clenched around his hand. My moisture beaded around his finger as he pulled out and then pushed it back inside. 

I gripped onto the wooden table and tried my best to maintain my control but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could. 

“Alright. Times up! We are going to discuss about the poem now.” The teacher stood up from her desk and said. Panic welled in my throat as I watched her walk around the class. Scott’s fingers were still inside me and he had no intention of moving them away. “Brianna…what does the line ‘and tho shall be the rebel of the lands’ mean?” she snapped her attention at me and asked. 

A small gasp escaped my throat as I raised my head. Everyone’s eyes were on me whilst Scott’s finger was inside me. He teased the hard nub of my clit as I opened my mouth to respond but nothing came out of me. 

“Brianna?” Ms. Smith said. “Everything okay? Is Scott disturbing you?” she asked with concern. The teachers were aware of how Scott treated me—but they didn’t know what he was doing now. 

“Yes, yes, everything is okay. I just…don’t understand the line.” I was on the verge of an orgasm when Scott pulled his hand out. 

“Alright. Not a problem!” Ms. Smith looked at another girl and asked her the question. 

I sighed with relief and pushed down my skirt to cover up the wet mess that had formed in a few minutes. 

As soon as the class ended, Scott grabbed my wrist and dragged me to an empty classroom. My body shuddered with fear as I clutched onto my textbooks tightly. What was he going to do with me now? It was too much for a day. He needed to stop. 

“I have my math’s class…I’ve to go,” I stuttered. 

Scott pushed me inside the empty classroom. He pulled the blinds down and then locked the door. My heart was almost at my throat, pounding with fear and desire. 

“Oh, baby, you are going to fix something before you leave from this room.” He stated.

I didn’t understand what he meant until I didn’t look down at his jeans. 


“I didn’t do that!” I quickly exclaimed. 

“Yes, you did so turn around and show me your pretty little pussy so I can fuck it.” He ordered as he got closer to me. I gulped down and backed away from him. 


I fought back with the urge but eventually gave in, “Here?”

“Where else?” He turned me around and pushed my body against the wooden table. His rough hands cupped my ass cheeks and in a swift moment, he raised my skirt and then pulled my panties away from my pussy. 

“Red? Nice choice. Who were you impressing?” His tone deepened as he asked.

“No one,” I replied back. His palm landed on my ass cheek and I squirmed with the throbbing sensation running down my legs. What was he doing to me? I looked back and found Scott unzipping his pants — as soon as his pants were off, his cock sprang out mercilessly and it was terribly large and hard. 

“That’s not going fit inside me,” My eyes were still widened with his size. I had never seen a real cock in my life, only in movies or porn videos. 

“Don’t worry, I will make sure it fits.” He smirked before rubbing his cock and bringing it up to my pussy lips. 

Scott was going to take away my virginity — my bully was going to take away my virginity. Numerous emotions ran through me as he rubbed his cock against my moisture. The head of his cock was soon soaked with my wetness. He parted my pussy lips and slowly pushed the tip inside my tight opening. I moaned out loudly and grabbed to whatever was next to me. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I breathed out heavily while rubbing my clit with my fingers. This was no finger or dildo inside me — it was a cock, a real cock. There was a pinch of pain as Scott pushed his cock inside me halfway. I winced and moved my hips eagerly, taking more of his girth inside me. My insides felt as if they were being completely stretched out — to an extent that I didn’t even imagine. 

With a final thrust, he was completely inside me. 

“Fuck, Brianna, fuck.” He grabbed my hair and our bodies touched against each other. Scott glided his cock out with ease and then hammered it back in. 

“Fuck me,” I screamed out of pleasure with every thrust. His cock was ruthless just as him — driving me completely crazy. 

“You wanted this, whore? My cock to fill you up,” He bit my earlobe and grasped onto my hips. 

“Yes, yes,” It was the ultimate pleasure that no one could deny. 

“Yes, what, whore?” 

“Yes, daddy.” 

“That’s right, slut,” 

“Oh god, I am going to cum!” I exclaimed as he sucked onto my neck. My toes curled as pleasure rocketed through me and before I knew, a wild orgasm hit me with full force leaving me absolutely exhausted on the classroom table. 

Scott pulled out as he felt closer to spilling his seed, he rubbed his cock with his hands and then pushed it inside my mouth, gagging and choking me. My head moved back and forth and in a few seconds, his hot seed spurred out of his cock and into my mouth. 

What had I done?

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