Mia Kerr

Red Riding The Alpha (Chapter 38)

Chapter 38


I ravaged Red’s mouth my demonic kisses which made her tremble to the core. Her tremendous heartbeat went wild against my chest. My cock twitched when she nibbled onto my lips. A playful grin appeared on my lips as I took her breasts into my hands. Her nipples were hard just like my cock. I scoffed against the thought of Red having a threesome with another man. She must be living in a wonderland if she could even think about it. Sharing with another man was different, I couldn’t even let anyone touch her or look at her with evil intentions. 

She was all mine. From the top to the bottom, she belonged to me and only me. Her small mind, her wonderful heart, her perky tits, and pink pussy was mine. 

I pulled away from the kiss, leaned down and raised Red’s dress before grasping onto her thighs and getting her off the ground. Her surprised face quickly turned into a mischevious smug as she wrapped her arms around my neck. The only thing between her pussy and my cock was the fucking clothes that were going to be ripped soon. 

I pushed her down onto the bed and watched her tits bounce. “What do you want, princess?” I asked as I rolled my fingers around the elastic of her panties. 

“You,” she mumbled while blushing hard. 

“Me, what?” 

“You inside me,” Watching her struggle with words was a bliss. She barely knew what dirty talking was. 

“That’s not how you say it, princess,” I whispered as I placed my hand on either side of her head. Her beautiful, gray eyes sparkled when she looked up at me. 

Just at the corner of her innocent eyes, I saw something naughty, dirty and devilish. The horny monster inside her had been already out and running wild. It was getting difficult to get a hold of her devil. 

“I want your big fat cock inside me,” She said while looking into the darkness. Her eyes narrowed down with shame as she bit her lip. A cruel laugh escaped my lips as I heard her speak. 

“That’s exactly what I want to hear,” I said before unzipping the back of her dress and revealing all the naked glory of her pristine flesh. 

I slid my rough hands around her hips and raised them up, bringing her body closer to my cock. Red moved her hands to where it ached the most but I slapped them away. 

“You aren’t allowed to touch yourself,” I said with a growl hammering out of my chest. She purred softly and obeyed me like a good girl. 

The buttons of my shirt came off and soon the pants while Red watched me undress. After getting rid of all the clothes, I wrapped my arms around her thighs and dipped my head down. The sweet scent of her wetness and her pussy reached up to my nostrils and I smirked. This was going to be a long time. Just the teasing was far more than enough to make her pussy wet enough for my cock. I parted her wet folds with my tongue and her back arched with pleasure. 

She squirmed underneath my hold once again as I began licking her sweetness. “Oh,” A soft gasp escaped her lips. Her breasts rose and dropped as her breathing fastened by every moment. It reminded me of the first time I had tasted her. It wasn’t too long ago. 

My cock grew with excitement as I pushed my fingers inside her pussy, opening and stretching her tightness. 

“Nice and wet for me,” I murmured as I pushed my fingers deep inside her cunt. Her slick wetness coated my fingers as I pulled out and tasted her once again. She was all ready for my cock. 

“Please,” She pleaded for more. 

“Please what?” 

“Please fill me,” Her quivering hands were restrained under my stronghold. 

After placing a set of kisses on her meaty inner thighs, I asked, “Who do you belong to?” 

“You,” She quickly responded. 

“Are you ever going to think about another man?”

When she didn’t respond, I bit into her sensitive flesh, giving her a little bit of pain. She yelped and immediately exclaimed, “No, never!” My canines seared into her flesh, marking her all over again. When I pulled away, I found a red spot on her thighs were my lips just were. 

I bent down towards her nipples and played with them – just teasing her a little more. Soft moans slipped past her lips as I bought her nipples to erect. Taking her soft bud in my mouth, I lost my self in the moment but then backed away. 

Red was a whole package. 

My cock couldn’t hold it any longer. He needed to be inside Red. I needed to inside her. Tension spread across her face when I parted her thighs and bought my cock towards her wet folds. She looked down and watched her pussy stretch as I pushed my thickness inside her cunt. The room immediately filled up with screams belonging to my mate.

“More,” Red said while working her hips towards my cock. “I want it all,” 

“Gladly,” I whispered before forcing my cock balls-deep inside her soaked cunt. A cry of pleasure erupted from her as she wrapped her hands around my arms, clawing them slowly. 

“Holy fuck,” I growled as I felt her pussy milking my cock while I hammered it in and out of her in long, rough and rhythmic thrusts. 

Keeping my cock buried inside her, I wrapped my hands around her throat and pushed inside her harder. Our eyes were locked together and there was nothing beyond this room apart from pleasure. Her moans grew louder by every second as she moved her hands towards her clit. She shrieked out of passion before an orgasm ripped through her fragile body, leaving her shattered on the sheets. But it wasn’t over yet. As I pulled out, I found my cock glistening with her juices. I gave her a moment to regain control of herself before pounding her roughly all over again. 

My cock seared through her folds with ease and plunged deep inside. With a couple strokes and an aching growl of pleasure, I buried my seed deep inside her cunt. The sounds of pleasure echoed and continued to ring off the walls in my bedroom. Exhausted and tired, I laid down beside her while covering our scorching body with a thin sheet. 

Red giggled like a little child and cradled against my chest, “I love you,” she whispered silently but it was loud enough for my wolf senses to capture what she had just said. Unable to respond, I stayed silent and frozen. I hadn’t ever said that to anyone. 


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