Mia Kerr

Red Riding The Alpha (Chapter 21)

Red Riding The Alpha

Chapter 21


The raw, uneasy feeling of guilt clawed my back as I kissed someone I shouldn’t have. It didn’t feel good at all. It wasn’t the kiss. It was the feeling that went through me after I pulled away. A throb ran down my lips as I glanced at Luciano. Anger thundered through him, his eyes turned crimson, and his face clouded with uncertainty.

I shouldn’t have done it.

The immediate regret of kissing someone else went through my head. The guard quickly rushed away from the scene in fear of Luciano. It wasn’t his fault, but from what it seemed like, Luciano wouldn’t take a second to snap the guard into two pieces.

I remained soundless with shame. The silence engulfed me. Luciano gave me a death stare before gripping my wrist and pulling me inside the room. The wooden door slammed closed with a thud, and I was thrown across the bed.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean too,” Shame choked me as I apologized for my behavior. It wasn’t me. I didn’t want to kiss anyone, but all the drama and control gave it away. I couldn’t resist myself to see Luciano flamed with anger. I acted shamelessly, and now I was paying the price for it.

Under his steady scowl, I froze.

“That was too much, Red.” He had a determined threat in his tone and actions. His head shook with disappointment as he grabbed onto my face.

“I am sorry, I co–I did it mistakenly,” Words barely made its way out of my throat.

His lips thinned with anger, and his nostrils flared with fury. The distance between us vanished away as he leaned closer. His cold eyes sniped straight into mines. After a couple of breaths, he looked away.

It took a moment for him to think – think about what he was going to do with me. The flame in his eyes vanished away, and he chuckled nastily.

“You made a horrible mistake,” He replied.

“I am sorr–”

Luciano forbade any further argument. He seized me by hair and pushed me against the bed. I trembled with fear as his body hovered over mine.

“Please…” I was unaware of what he was going to do to me. My stomach clenched tight with fear. It wasn’t good. He had a grin plastered over his face – a very evil grin.

“Shush,” He warned before throwing his powerful and impatient hands over my body. The warm, rough fingers scraped against my breasts as he tore open my dress. The cloth separated into two pieces before falling away from my skin.

“What are you doing?” I asked as my eyes widened with fear. I tried to get up and tried to fight, but he pushed me back.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He mumbled before settling his muscular body in between my thighs and then ripping the only cloth that covered my wetness.

“Wait–” He killed my protests by pressing his lips against mine.

A curious panic fretted me as Luciano’s intense kisses ignited a desire inside me. The strange tingling sensation gripped my body once again as he began to get rougher.  The soft, gentle kisses went hard and rough. Warmth spread through me as he pressed his chest against mine. The thundering heartbeats set a new life in me.

“Wait,” A small breathless whisper escaped my lips as I tried to stop Luciano, but there was no going back now.

He pulled away for a moment and then stared down at my breasts that were bare and exposed underneath his wicked grasp.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” he asked as he wrapped a hand around my throat and pushed me against the headboard of the bed.

A loud scream escaped from my lips as his tongue dipped between my legs. The sudden excitement and pleasure almost sent me over the edge. My hips thrusted in a steady rhythm against his mouth. He kissed, sucked, and devoured the moist, warm folds between my thighs.

I whimpered in silence as I felt his teeth graze. He locked my legs and restricted me from moving. 

“Ouch,” I flinched as he began getting rougher.

Luciano moved away from my wetness and glanced back at me. I felt myself shrinking underneath his cold gaze. My heart thumped a beat as he removed his shirt, revealing his rippling muscle and chiseled perfection. A couple of scars and tattoos ran down his chest.

Before I knew, he covered my trembling body with his own, and then we were skin to skin.

“Wait, what are you going to do to me?” I asked, with curiosity lacing in my tone. His intentions were visible in his eyes, but I wanted his words. “Are you going to claim me?”

“I am going to do worse than that,” he moved back and began unzipping his pants. “You will be only seeing stars after today,”

I swallowed the lump in my throat as everything around me got tight. Wait. Claiming wasn’t just biting someone, it was mating with them. He was going to wreck me.

A terrifying excitement built inside me as his cock came alive in front of me. He stroked himself to hardness and then slipped it between my thighs, soaking it in my moisture.

My mouth hung open in surprise. This couldn’t happen, I couldn’t have sex with him. The raw urges growing inside me denied the right sayings. At this point, I didn’t care whether I was going to hell or not.

“Is it going to hurt?” I asked with worry. My hands were shaking with the need of it inside me.

His fingers speared into my hair  and he buried my nose into my neck before taking a deep breath. “I will be very very gentle,” he mumbled.

It didn’t sound like he was going to be gentle at all.

“So gentle that I will make that you never see another man again,” he continued before pushing his cock inside me. I cried out in pure pleasure, but he silenced my screams and cries by crushing his lips against mine.

My pussy tightened around his cock as he seared into me entirely. He was impossibly huge, and it hurt so good.

His hands clasped around my waist, and he broke off the kiss. Moving back, he pulled his cock all the way out and then plunged back in deeply.

Pleasure and pain racked in my body as Luciano thrusted inside me. The raw screams and moans that came out of me echoed inside the bedroom. This wasn’t his tongue or fingers; it was him inside me now.

Desire was thick on my tongue as he stretched my pussy to its extent. His arms snaked around my body as our tongues entwined. I felt the hunger inside me finally get fulfilled. With each stroke, a thrill ran up and down my body, begging to get a release.

Luciano moved my head aside and began placing sloppy kisses around my neck. The pleasure was then replaced with pain as he began to thrust roughly. I gripped onto his shoulders and tried to maintain my fragile control.

My lips separated in sudden shock as a pair of sharp canines brushed against my flesh.


With my heart pounding and my body quivering, I saw stars as he bit into my neck. The bite released a fire inside me. I felt my bones go liquid against the burst of the sexual heat built between my legs.

His pulsing cock raced to climax as I screamed out of pain. Blood oozed down my neck as his pointy fingers clawed in my back.  He clasped onto a piece of my flesh and pulled me hard into his final thrust. He stayed inside me as he released his warmth.

As he pulled away his control, I collided back on the bed with pain throbbing in my neck, pleasure coating my legs and a new passion ripping through me.

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